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Be an eyewitness to Louisiana's past...with the technology of the future!

The Louisiana Secretary of State's Multimedia Archives is one of the most exciting projects in our Archival Program. Our mission is to collect, preserve and make accessible film and video materials produced in or about Louisiana and to conduct oral histories through personal interviews which document our political and governmental history.

It was created with you in mind — the person who seeks more than can be found in a history book or heard secondhand. Everyone can use the multimedia archives! This archives will benefit researchers, political enthusiasts, educators and students learning about Louisiana, its governmental and its campaigning traditions. Old and young alike will experience this one-of-a-kind collection. This library makes you an eyewitness to the past, where you can see the great figures and historic events that made Louisiana into what it is today — a culture unlike any other. Enjoy your journey into the past with our library!

Research is absolutely free with our online database! Clips can be viewed by visiting The Louisiana State Archives Research Room (view hours and location) or by contacting the Multimedia Archives by calling 225.922.0420 or sending a message to the multimedia section. Copies of footage can be obtained for a nominal fee, when applicable.

Get involved with the multimedia archives. Donate footage or funding to the digital archives and contribute to the preservation of our history and the education of our future.

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