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Chennault Aviation & Military Museum

Chennault Aviation and Military Museum

Near the municipal airport in Monroe, the Chennault Aviation and Military Museum is dedicated to one of Louisiana's great warriors, Gen. Claire Lee Chennault, a daring aviator and the leader of the famed Flying Tigers that helped battle the Japanese in China during World War II. The museum includes professional and personal items from Chennault as well as numerous exhibits from local men and women who served in America’s conflicts in the 20th and 21st centuries. The Selman Field Navigation Training School exhibit tells the story of the largest navigation school in the U.S. that trained 15,000 young men for World War II. The origin of Delta Air Lines, which began as a crop dusting operation in the Delta, moved to the outskirts of Monroe in the late 1920s and grew into one of the world’s largest airlines.

Chennault Aviation and Military Museum
701 Kansas Lane
Monroe, LA 71203

318.362.5545 fax

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