Annual Report Filing Instructions Print 

Carefully review all entries made to your on line filing. This is an official document and requested edit(s) or change(s) to the filing will require subsequent submission of change documents and incur additional fees.

Annual reports can only be filed within 30 days of renewal date.

You have received a Renewal Notice from the Louisiana Secretary of State and can therefore file your annual report online by going to\renewal and following the steps below.

  1. Enter the Charter Number on the first line
  2. Enter the Renewal ID on the second line
  3. Select the “File Annual Report” button
  4. Review the information currently on file with our office.   
  5. To move through the pages of your record,

    1. Select “File Annual Report” button
    2. You will come to an edit page where you can review itemized information
    3. If change to this data is desired, click the “Edit” button to open a screen that will accept your changes.
    4. Following entry of changes, click the “Next” button to proceed to the registered agent page.
    5. On the registered agent page you can add a new agent or delete an existing agent. Any addition of an agent will generate an email to them requiring their acceptance prior to finalization of the annual report being filed.
    6. Following entry of changes or additions, click the “Next” button to proceed to the officer/member page, as appropriate to the business entity type.
    7. On the officer/member page you can add a new officer(s)/member(s) or delete existing one(s). In the case of multiple officers, only three are presented in the first filing and any additional officers must be entered by the user to be displayed in our electronic records and in subsequent filings.
    8. Following entry of changes or additions, click the “Next” button to proceed to the signature page.
    9. Type your name in the signature box. (By typing your name you are certifying that the information contained in our records, as reviewed by you, are accurate and you are ready to submit your filing without any changes to the record).
    10. Select the “Next” button to verify all information again.
    11. If correct, click on “File/Checkout” button to move to the payment page.

  6. Enter requested credit card information and your email address.
  7. Select the “Purchase Item” button. Do not press the back button or the submit button more than once, multiple charges could occur.
  8. At this time, check out is complete and annual report has been filed.
  9. You will see a button “Display Receipt”. If you would like a copy of the receipt for your records, click on the “Display Receipt” button and then click on the “Print” button.
  10. After you have printed your receipt, click on the “Close” button to close out the page.


Subscribing to our new Electronic Notification System will allow you to track any changes made to your entity via email or text message. The subscriber may also receive messages containing important information from the Secretary of State.