Carefully review all entries made to your on line filing. This is an official document and requested edit(s) or change(s) to the filing will require subsequent submission of change documents and incur additional fees.
NOTE: This on line application contains only the minimum provisions required by law to be set forth in Articles of Incorporation for domestic (Louisiana) non-profit corporations. Additional provisions may be advisable or necessary, depending on the specific needs of each company. Consideration should be given to the advantages and disadvantages of forming a corporation, and the legal and tax consequences. You are strongly advised to seek legal advice from an attorney and tax and other business advice from an accountant.
A business entity filing with the Louisiana Secretary of State does not necessarily give you the right to use your proposed company name, assumed or fictitious name in this state if the use violates someone else's trade name, trademark, or service mark rights under the trademark laws of the United States, this state, or the common law. Prior to your use of the name, you are encouraged to research the names and marks of other parties used or registered in this state, or registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office, or consult an attorney to determine the existence of any conflicting rights.

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Important: Processing of registration is subject to availability of the requested company name. Filings are not final until satisfactory completion of statutory requirements are verified by the Secretary of State's office. A link to retrieve registration documents containing a validation number will be provided to the filer upon successful filing.
Preliminary availability of names can be checked through our Commercial Database. Names should be searched by spelling and phonetically for deceptive similarities.