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Louisiana Commission on Election Integrity and Voting

Secretary Ardoin announces suspension of Louisiana Commission on Election Integrity and Voting 

About the Commission

In 2020, despite hurricanes, tropical storms and a global pandemic, the presidential election in Louisiana was free from the controversy seen in other states around the country. Louisiana saw the highest election turnout in nearly 25 years, with over 70% of registered voters casting a ballot. November’s results were fully uploaded just after midnight, and those results were certified on schedule-by any metric, a job well done.

Louisiana is a national leader in election administration, ranking highest in the south in election integrity according to the Electoral Integrity Project’s 2020 report. Additionally, approximately 92% of all eligible citizens in Louisiana are registered to vote. However, some have called into question our election processes and procedures using false narratives and stories of voting issues from other parts of the country. That is why, on April 7, 2021, Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin announced the formation of the Louisiana Commission on Election Integrity and Voting. 

The commission will be asked to answer three important questions:

  • How do we assure continued confidence in our elections?
  • How do we combat voter fatigue?
  • How do we improve voters’ experiences?

The commission will begin meeting after the conclusion of the 2021 regular session of the Louisiana Legislature, and issue its report no later than February 1, 2022.