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The Notary Division is for qualifying and registering applicants for the state notary exam, for commissioning notaries and ex officio notary filings, and for the receipt, filing and permanent retention of notary documents. The following filings are required under Louisiana R.S. Title 35:

  • Application to Qualify as Notary Public
  • Notary Exam Registration
  • Commission Documents, Parish Change, Name Change
  • Notary Bond or Errors & Omissions renewals
  • Annual Reports
  • Ex Officio Notary filings

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You can also view statistics on the pass rates of previous notary exams. 


The Secretary of State's Office issues a variety of certifications ranging from apostilles and authentications of documents going to foreign countries to certifying copies of "Gold Seal" pardons, executive orders, bonds and signature registrations and living will declarations registrations certificates.

The two divisions of the Secretary of State's Office responsible for the issuance of these certificates are the Commissions Division and the Publications Division. The Commissions Divsion issues apostilles; issues authentications certificates; and certifies "Gold Seal" pardons, executive orders and proclamations. The Publications Division issues certificates for bond and signature registration, living will declarations registrations and Acts of the Louisiana Legislature as well as the Revised Statutes pertaining to Louisiana laws.