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Election Results

Graphical election results may be viewed for federal, state and local elections. This site is mobile-friendly and includes statistics, dynamic mapping of selected results, printing capabilities and export to CSV functionality. CSV functionality is not available on election night until 11 p.m. Results from prior elections may not available on the graphical site on election night.

Registration Statistics

File names have been standardized for easy reference and sorting and include the year; month and day; parish or state.  Statistical reports prior to 2007 also have active, inactive, or combined active and inactive files.


Early Voting Statistics

Cumulative early voting statistics are published one business day after each day of the early voting period (for example, statistics for Saturday are posted the following Monday).

The total number of votes is listed under the VOTES column on the far left. The second VOTES column breaks down the number of in person and mail voters. In person is represented as INP and ABS includes the number of voters casting mail ballots.

The ASST header lists those persons requesting assistance in voting (represented by column labeled D - Disabled and I - illiterate).

UOCAVA (Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act) represents the number of voters exercising their right to vote who are military and overseas civilians. The IN column represents voters residing in the USA and OUT represents voters residing outside of the country.


List of absentee by mail and early voters

The names of voters includes those who voted in person during early voting and those whose absentee ballots have been received by the registrar of voters. This list of voters does not account for subsequent changes, if any, made by a registrar. Those changes will be found on the cumulative report at the end of early voting.

Post Election Turnout Statistics

Post election turnout statistics are published after all parish registrar of voters complete their work in giving each voter credit for voting in the election and auditing. This may take up to two weeks following the election.

If you are viewing a report that identifies the parish by number instead of name, use this parish list by number to identify it.


For election statistics prior to 2007, you may need to review the text and Excel file layouts.