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Information for Public Officials

The Louisiana Secretary of State's Office attests to all official documents and commissions. All elected public officials except for Congress, file notices of retirement or resignation with the Secretary of State's Office. View How to File a Notice of Retirement or Resignation or How to File an Oath of Office. Commissions certificates are issued to elected officials and gubernatorially appointed board members, as well as state departments and the legislature. View How to Order a Commission Certificate or ID Card.

For additional information, view our Frequently Asked Questions where you can find information on apostilles, who can perform marriage ceremonies, our hours of operation and forms or payment.


In accordance with Article X, Section 21 of the Louisiana Constitution, a governmental Code of Ethics for officials and employees was created, enacted, and codified by La R.S. 42:1101. The Code of Ethics intent was to increase public confidence in the integrity of government and the code ensures (1) independence and impartiality of elected officials and public employees, (2) that governmental decisions and policy are made in the proper channel of the government structure and (3) that public office and employment are not used for private gain.