Elections Compliance Unit

The Elections Compliance Unit, as part of the Louisiana Secretary of State’s Office, is charged with the investigation and reporting of matters involving violations of the Louisiana election code. The unit is composed of law enforcement officers with statewide jurisdiction. The unit conducts investigations that involve voter fraud, vote buying and voter intimidation during early voting, absentee by mail voting and election day voting. In addition, the unit also investigates allegations of persons providing false or misleading information to a registrar or to a commissioner during the registration or voting process.

During early voting and on election day, electioneering complaints should be brought to the attention of the commissioners who are working at the various precincts. The commissioners, along with local law enforcement, can address any problem areas.

The unit works closely with district attorneys and local law enforcement officials around the state on any criminal violations of the election code. The district attorney is the agency for the review of all matters that may involve a criminal prosecution.

Election Fraud Hotline

Complaints that may involve violations of the election code, including but not necessarily limited to those areas listed above, should be reported to the unit at 1.800.722.5305.