Become a Candidate

If you are interested in becoming a candidate for an upcoming election, review how to Qualify for an Election or you may contact your parish Clerk of Court's Office to qualify as a candidate for local office. The Secretary of State's Office qualifies candidates for state office, as defined in La. R.S. 18:452. Call 800.883.2805 for any questions regarding qualifying.

View upcoming election date information.

Browse the candidate database to search for candidate information.

Browse the elected officials list to search all elected public officials.

If you are interested in running for President of the United States, you may browse excerpts from Louisiana Revised Statutes Title 18 (the "Election Code"). You may also view qualifying information for presidential candidates that are affiliated with a recognized political party in Louisiana, or information for candidates who are not affiliated with a political party. For additional information, please review Qualify for an Election.

Campaign Finance Reports, Lobbyists and Political Action Committees

Reports from incumbent statewide elected officials are available for online viewing at the Louisiana Board of Ethics. In addition, lists of registered lobbyists and political action committees are available.    

The Federal Elections Commission has copies of actual financial disclosure reports filed by House, Senate and presidential campaigns, parties and Political Action Committees (PACs) from 1993 to the present.