Understand Campaign Requirements

Chapter 11 of the Louisiana Election Code (Title 18) outlines election campaign finance laws. La R.S. 18:1481-18:1951 is cited as the Campaign Finance Disclosure Act and is governed by the Louisiana Ethics Administration Program.

Campaign Finance Reports, Lobbyists and Political Action Committees

Campaign finance reports which include reports from incumbent statewide elected officials are available for online viewing at the Louisiana Ethics Administration Program. Lists of registered lobbyists and political action committees are also available.

Federal Elections Commission

Financial disclosure reports filed by House, Senate and presidential campaigns, parties as well as Political Action Committees (PACs) from 1993 to the present are available at the Federal Elections Commission.

Campaign Communications (Automated Calls)

Louisiana law (La R.S. 18:1463.1) seeks to protect the integrity of the electoral process and assures that voters know who is responsible for telephone campaign communications in order to more properly evaluate the statements contained in them and to cast a more informed vote. It is essential to prohibit misrepresentation that a person, committee or organization speak on behalf of a candidate, political committee or agent therof.

If a company or person is paid to make calls, an approval of campaign telephone communications must be filed with the secretary of state before authorized calls begin. The filing may be made by fax as long as within two days, exclusive of legal holidays, the original approval received is forwarded by United States mail to:

Secretary of State
Attn: Elections Division
P.O. Box 94125
Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9125