Review Voting Brochures

The Secretary of State's Office has developed educational materials to assist citizens in understanding the Louisiana voting process. 

For individuals or organizations seeking to conduct a successful voter registration drive, review Voter Registration Drive Best Practices.

The Election Day Bill of Rights outlines the rights and responsibilities of Louisiana voters.

The AVC Audio Handset is available for use in voting on Election Day or during early voting. The keypad may be used by any voter, especially those individuals who are visually impaired, physically disabled, illiterate, unable to read the written word or unable to read English. There are no requirements for a voter to use the keypad. Braille versions of this guide are also available at the precinct on Election Day. View the Guide to Using the Audio Voting Keypad for more information.

The Informational Pamphlet for Election Day Voting is a useful tool for Election Day commisioners.

View the Louisiana Election Code, Title 18 of Louisiana's Revised Statutes.

The Voting in Louisiana booklet contains general information about registering to vote and voting in Louisiana.

The Disabled, Senior and Nursing Home Voter Information booklet accompanies the Voting in Louisiana booklet and contains information on the entire voter registration and voting process for the elderly and individuals with disabilities.