Review Types of Elections

Open Primary and General Elections

Louisiana conducts local and state elections on Saturdays using what is referred to as an open primary system, where any qualified elector may qualify as a candidate, regardless of party, and run for office and all eligible voters may cast a vote in the election, regardless of party affiliation. Some call this system a jungle primary because all candidates for an office run together in one election and the majority vote wins. If there is no majority vote winner in the primary election then the top two candidates go to a run-off election called a general election. This type of system is used in Louisiana for all offices state, parish, municipal and congressional, but it is not used for the presidential preference primary.

Presidential Elections

Presidential elections are held every four years on the first Tuesday following the first Monday in November to choose the electors for president and vice president of the United States, one to be chosen from each of the six congressional districts and two at large for the state total of eight electorial votes. A vote for a presidential and vice presidential candidate is a vote for each of the electors nominated in support of that slate of candidates. View how a candidate for presidential electors qualify.

The Electoral College is a process of choosing the president, where the slate of candidates who receive the most popular votes win all of the electors for the state. The electors meet at the state capital on the day appointed for their meeting by federal law in December to execute the duties and services enjoined on them by the constitution and laws of the United States. The states' electoral votes are counted by Congress on Jan. 6 following the presidential election.

Visit the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration/Federal Register Website to learn how the votes are cast by the Electoral College.

History of Louisiana Electors

November 2020 Presidential Election
November 2016 Presidential Election
November 2012 Presidential Election
November 2008 Presidential Election
November 2004 Presidential Election
November 2000 Presidential Election

Congressional Elections

Louisiana elects two United States Senators for the entire state for six-year staggered terms and six United States representatives every two years from congressional districts drawn by the legislature.

Representatives and senators are elected at the federal November general election every even year on the first Tuesday following the first Monday and take office at noon on Jan. 3 following the election.

Louisiana reduced its congressional seats from seven to six in 2013 due to population loss and changed from a closed party primary system to an open primary system in Act 570 of the 2010 Regular Session effective Jan. 1, 2011, having operated under the closed party primary from a special congressional election in 2006 through December of 2010.

Constitutional Amendments

Constitutional amendments are placed on statewide election dates as determined by the legislature. View summaries and complete text version of the constitutional amendments from 2000 to present.

Propositions (Tax, Bond, Question) Elections

Proposition Elections must be authorized by the state constitution, state law or by a local home rule charter. Select an election date and parish to view propositions from 2002 to present. Learn more about proposition elections.

Recall Elections

A recall election is a proposition election that is limited to the request that an election be called and held in the voting area for the purpose of recalling a public officer. No recall petition may be submitted for certification to or accepted for certification by the registrar of voters or any other official if less than six months remain in the term of office. Learn more more about recall elections.

Neighborhood Crime Prevention and Security District Elections

Neighborhood Crime Prevention and Security District Elections are proposition elections governed by La R.S. 18:1300.31, La R.S. 18:1300.32, La R.S. 18:1300.33. Review the laws for more information. In accordance with La. R.S. 18:1300.31(B)(2)(a), the Neighborhood Crime Prevention and Security District Petition, approved by the Attorney General, has been provided.

Gaming Elections

Gaming Elections are proposition elections governed by La R.S. 18:1300.21, La R.S. 18:1300.22, La R.S. 18:1300.33. Review the laws for more information.

Local Option Elections

Local Option Elections are proposition elections governed by La R.S. 26:581 - La R.S. 26:596. Review the laws for more information.

Annexation Elections

Annexation Elections are proposition elections used as one way to enlarge the boundaries of an unincorporated municipality and are called by the municipality as governed by La R.S. 33:172. Review the law for more information.

Incorporation Elections

Incorporation Elections are proposition elections used by residents of any unincorporated area with a population of more than 200 inhabitants to incorporate an area by petition and election. Incorporations are governed by La R.S. 33:1 - La R.S. 33:3 and Act 376 of the 2016 Regular Session. Review the laws for more information.

Presidential Preference Primary and State and Local Party Elections

The Presidential Preference Primary is held statewide in the Spring of each presidential election year. In 2024, the Presidential Preference Primary will be held on March 23rd. It allows the electors of each political party having 40,000 or more registered voters to express their preference for their party's presidential nominee.View how candidates for the presidential preference primary qualify.

The Democratic, Republican, and Independent Parties in Louisiana have 40,000 plus registered voters and therefore have a Presidential Preference Primary election. The parties govern by their rules who can vote in the election. Presently only registered Democratic voters can vote in the Democratic Party primary, registered Republicans in the Republican Party primary, and registered Independents in the Independent Party primary. These primaries are closed to all other registered voters.

Elections for the Democratic and Republican state central committees and parish executive committees are also held at the Presidential Preference Primary election. These offices are also closed primaries. View how political party candidates are elected in Louisiana.

Constitutional Amendments from 2000 to present

Summaries and text versions of constitutional amendments; may be viewed by clicking on the relevant link below. Also available is the complete text of the acts.

Nov. 18, 2023 Constitutional Amendments Summaries
Nov. 18, 2023 Constitutional Amendments
Oct. 14, 2023 Constitutional Amendment Summaries
Oct. 14, 2023 Constitutional Amendments
Dec. 10, 2022 Constitutional Amendments
Dec. 10, 2022 Constitutional Amendment Summaries
Nov. 8, 2022 Constitutional Amendments
Nov. 8, 2022 Constitutional Amendment Summaries
Oct. 9, 2021 Constitutional Amendments
Oct. 9, 2021 Constitutional Amendment Summaries
Dec. 5, 2020 Constitutional Amendments
Dec. 5, 2020 Constitutional Amendment Summaries
Nov. 3, 2020 Constitutional Amendments
Nov. 3, 2020 Constitutional Amendment Summaries
Oct. 12, 2019 Constitutional Amendments

Oct. 12, 2019 Constitutional Amendment Summaries
Nov. 6, 2018 Constitutional Amendments
Nov. 6, 2018 Constitutional Amendment Summaries
Oct. 14, 2017 Constitutional Amendments
Oct. 14, 2017 Constitutional Amendment Summaries
Nov. 8, 2016 Constitutional Amendments
Nov. 8, 2016 Constitutional Amendment Summaries
Oct. 24, 2015 Constitutional Amendments
Oct. 24, 2015 Constitutional Amendment Summaries
Nov. 4, 2014 Constitutional Amendments
Nov. 4, 2014 Constitutional Amendment Summaries
Nov. 6, 2012 Constitutional Amendments
Nov. 6, 2012 Constitutional Amendment Summaries
Nov. 19, 2011 Constitutional Amendments
Nov. 19, 2011 Constitutional Amendment Summaries
Oct. 22, 2011 Constitutional Amendments
Oct. 22, 2011 Constitutional Amendment Summaries
Nov. 2, 2010 Constitutional Amendments
Nov. 2, 2010 Constitutional Amendment Summaries
Oct. 2, 2010 Constitutional Amendments
Oct. 2, 2010 Constitutional Amendment Summaries
2008 Constitutional Amendments
2008 Constitutional Amendment Summaries
2007 Constitutional Amendments
2007 Constitutional Amendment Summaries
Nov. 7, 2006 Constitutional Amendments
Sept. 30, 2006 Constitutional Amendments
2004 Constitutional Amendments
2003 Constitutional Amendments
2002 Constitutional Amendments
2000 Constitutional Amendments

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