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Call Before You Dig

Louisiana One Call

The “Louisiana Underground Utilities and Facilities Damage Prevention Law” was originally passed in 1988 and amended numerous times. Each incorporated municipality or parish government which owns or operates (in its own right or through a special district or districts created pursuant to constitutional or statutory authority) a drainage system, a sewer system, an electrical energy system and/or a gas system underground facility within its local jurisdiction which would otherwise be included in La. R.S. 40:1749.14, and which does not desire to be so included, shall adopt an ordinance indicating this desire by Dec. 31, 1998. The ordinance opting out of Louisiana One Call was required to be filed with the secretary of state for verification purposes on or before Dec. 31, 1998. View a list of the governmental entities who have opted out the Louisiana One Call program.

Louisiana One Call is a free service that allows excavators to notify many operators of underground utilities with a single toll-free call or by simply dialing 8-1-1.

Before work begins, members use color-coded paint and flags to mark their cables, pipelines and similar systems so that excavators can avoid them. This reduces the possibility of damage, helps eliminate construction delays and contributes to public safety. Member utilities pay for the service, which is free to contractors and the public.

State law requires excavators and demolition crews to call or click to file a locate request before they can begin work. Although the law also requires most operators of underground facilities to belong to Louisiana One Call, it does allow some governmental entities to opt out. Excavators may wish to contact non-members directly about planned excavation work.

View a list of Louisiana One Call members and their emergency numbers.

View Louisiana One Call's guide to the state's dig law.

For more information about the law's opt-out requirements, contact the Secretary of State's Office at 225.922.0900. For more information about Louisiana One Call, visit www.laonecall.com, dial 811 or call 800.272.3020.