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The Secretary of State's Office maintains two end of life registry programs as provided by the Louisiana Revised Statutes.

Will Registry

As directed by the Legislature (La. R.S. 9:2446-7; Act 222 of 1981, effective July 1, 1982), the Secretary of State's Office shall establish a registry wherein a testator or his attorney may register information regarding the execution of the testator's will. Information that may be received, preserved in confidence until death, and reported as indicated is limited to the name, social security or other individual identifying number established by law, address, date of birth of the testator and the intended place of deposit or safekeeping of the instrument pending the death of the testator or the name and address of the attorney or other person having information regarding the location of deposit or safekeeping of the testator's will. The fee to file a Will Registration Form is $10, and an additional $20 if you would like a certified copy. The fee for retrieval of a Will Registration Form is $10. Please note that the actual will itself is not filed in this office. The registry is strictly confidential until the death of the testator. Upon the death of the testator, a copy can be provided to anyone who presents a death certificate, affidavit of death and heirship or other satisfactory evidence of the testator's death.

We do not provide blank forms to prepare a last will and testament and suggest that those interested in preparing a last will and testament should contact an attorney. You may download the Will Registration Form which states where your last will and testament is located only. You may also view the alphabetical list of will registrations.  

Living Will Declaration  

At the direction of the Louisiana Legislature (La. R.S. 40:1299.58.1-10, Act 382 of 1984, effective July 6, 1985, as amended), the Secretary of State's Office maintains a registry of living will declarations in which any adult person may make a written declaration directing the withholding or withdrawal of life sustaining procedures in the event such person should have a terminal and/or irreversible condition. We accept the original, a multiple original or a certified copy of the declaration, either from the declaring person or his authorized attorney. The fee to register a declaration is $20, and an additional $20 if you would like a certified copy. The fee to file a notice of revocation of a declaration is $5. When a living will declaration is filed, a laminated wallet ID card and an engraved "Do Not Resuscitate" bracelet are provided to the declarant, indicating that the living will declaration is on file in our office. We provide copies of declarations when requested by any attending physician or health care facility.

We do not provide forms to prepare a "Specific Medical Procedure" living will and suggest that those who are interested in preparing such should contact an attorney. However, you may obtain a blank declaration form (as provided by the Louisiana Legislature La. R.S. 40:1151.2); download and print Living Will Declaration Form. You may also view the alphabetical list of living will declaration registrations.

Please send the appropriate Will Registry or Living Will Declaration Form and filing fee to:

Louisiana Secretary of State
Elections Services
P.O. Box 94125
Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9125

If there are any questions regarding these registries, please send us a message or call 225.922.0900.