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Frequently Asked Questions

Act 1 of the 2006 First Extraordinary Session created two flood protections boards; the SLFPA- East and SLFPA- West. Constitutional Amendment #3 approved by 81% of the Louisiana voters on Sep 30, 2006 and legislation Act 43 is also significant parts of the levee reform legislation. (R.S. 38:330.1)
The SLFPA-East has 9 members and first convened in January 2007 The SLFPA-West has 7 members and first convened in February 2007
Board positions are unpaid however they receive per diem and travel expenses in accordance with Louisiana regulations
Board member:
  • Vacancies are announced publicly by the Secretary of State
  • Applicants are received and forwarded the nominating committee
  • The committee votes to nominate a person(s) to a position on the board using a “qualification based process”
  • The nominee(s) is submitted to the Governor for Appointment
  • The Senate confirms the Appointment
Four years, members may not serve more then two consecutive terms.
The boards meet monthly or as determined by needs of the Board. Members are allowed to participate via electronic conferencing however only members present may vote on an official action. Members are also assigned to committees which meet regularly as required.
As trustee and fiduciary of all public interests before the Authority, Board members are subject to the Code of Governmental Ethics of Louisiana
The nominating committee members are made up of representatives from professional, academic and civic organizations specified in the legislation R.S. 38:330.1c(2)(a) as amended by HR 796 of the 2009 Regular Session. Applicants may discuss their applications and qualifications with the nominating committee members as needed. A listing of the current nominating committee membership is maintained at the Louisiana Secretary of State’s Office.
No, State employees cannot serve on either board due to potential conflict of interest.
Current board membership is maintained on the Louisiana Secretary of State Website. Flood Protection Authorities