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Site Information

Please review the following requirements for using our site.

Browser Requirements

This site was designed for Microsoft Edge web browsers with a screen resolution of 1024×768 (or higher). The current version of Edge is supported and we design our site to work with the previous version; however, versions older than one previous version may not display content or function properly. Other unsupported web browsers and screen resolutions may work fine; however, some pages may not display or function properly. Browsers that do not support JavaScript and JScript will generate errors.

Pop-up Blocker Settings

If you are ordering items, your browser must have pop-ups enabled to complete the checkout process. In current versions of Edge, click Settings > Privacy & security > Security > Block pop-ups and slide the button to the off position to disable the built-in Pop-up blocker.

Other Software Requirements

Multimedia files require Microsoft Windows Media Player. Other media players capable of playing .mp3 formats may also work.

Other files on this site may require external applications to view the content. See the Site Map at the bottom of every page for links to download the necessary software.

Site Maintenance

We may need to take the website or portions of the website offline from time to time for maintenance. Typically, this is done before 8:00 AM CST/CDT or after 5:00 PM CST/CDT, and results in an occasional outage that may last as long as 5 minutes. If more time is needed, or if an outage is planned during business hours, we will attempt to display a message with more information about the outage at the top of the page or the affected application.