What is Service of Process?

The Department of State is designated as the agent for service of process on all foreign insurance companies; foreign corporations not registered with the Secretary of State; foreign and domestic corporations after diligent effort; mobile home manufacturers; out-of-state motorists involved in suits growing out of automobile accidents on Louisiana highways; and watercraft operating in Louisiana waters.

The Legal Services Section checks, prepares, processes suits for mailing and maintains files in connection with the suits. This section also maintains a file on the addresses of insurance companies for service. After processing, the suits are sent out by certified mail. The services rendered to the public will be coordinated to meet the time elements prescribed by law. Service of Process requires a 15 day response to the law suits sent from the Legal Services Section. We do not accept service on any other state agency, board, etc., or a Louisiana resident.

For service on the State of Louisiana or another state agency, citation and petition may be obtained by citation and service on the Attorney General of Louisiana and on the department, board, commission or agency head.

For suits filed against a political subdivision of the state or any of its departments, offices, boards, commissions, agencies or instrumentalities, citation and service may be obtained on any proper agent(s) designated by the local governing that filed their notice of service of process with the Secretary of State's office. If no agent is filed with the Secretary of State, service may be obtained on the city, parish or district attorney.

Louisiana CCP 1261, et al allows the Secretary of State to designate someone on his behalf to accept service of process. The Legal Services Section at 8585 Archives Ave., Baton Rouge, LA 70809 are the only appointed designees by the Secretary of State. Service on any other employee of the Secretary of State's office is improper.