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IMPORTANT REMINDER: Beginning on July 1, 2023, the state of Louisiana will be accepting the new national UCC-1, UCC-1AD, UCC-1AP, UCC-3, UCC-3AD, UCC-3AP, and UCC-5 forms in addition to our Louisiana UCC forms (Revised 2010 or after).

A non-standard form penalty will be accessed to any National UCC forms with revision dates prior to July, 2023, and to any Louisiana UCC forms revised prior to 2010. If you have any questions or concerns about this change, please call the Secretary of State’s UCC department at 225.925.4701.

UCC Forms

Note: Current standard forms are available below for your convenience.

UCC-1 Financing Statement (Louisiana Version)

UCC-1 Financing Statement (National Version)

UCC-1AD Financing Statement Addendum 

UCC-1AP Financing Statement Additional Parties

UCC-3 Financing Statement Amendment (Louisiana Version)

UCC-3 Financing Statement Amendment (National Version)

UCC-3AD Financing Statement Amendment Addendum

UCC-3AP Financing Statement Amendment Additional Parties

UCC-5 Information Statement

UCC-11 Information Request

Note: The following forms are to be used strictly for filing pursuant to the USDA Food Security Act - Central Registry Program. These are dual purpose forms. Completing these forms in their entirety will both perfect your security interest and protect the filing from buyers of farm products.

UCC-1F Financing Statement

UCC-3F Financing Statement Amendment

UCC Fee Schedule

Note: All filing fees must be made payable to the filing office (one of the 64 Clerks of Court) with whom you are filing your UCC financing statement. Do not send your filing or your filing fee to the Secretary of State's Office.

UCC-1 (one debtor) Fees reflected below include a $5 prepaid termination fee

Financing Statement  $30
Financing Statement with Assignment $35
Financing Statement relative to "as extracted collateral" or fixture filing $40
Financing Statement (Transmitting Utility) $205
Financing Statement (Transmitting Utility and fixture filing) $215
Financing Statement (Public Finance Transaction) $105
Financing Statement (Public Finance Transaction and fixture filing) $115
Attachments $2 each
Additional Debtor Names $10 each
Non-standard* Form Fee $15

*Anything other than the National Financing Statement forms or the Louisiana Financing Statement forms

UCC-3 (one debtor)

Amendment  $25
Continuation $25
Assignment $25
Master Assignment/Amendment $5 per
Termination ($5 per debtor name paid at time of original filing) N/A
    Additional debtors named on original  $5 each


Information Statement  $25

UCC-11 Search

UCC Certificate* (per debtor name)  $30
Copies of documents $2 per page
Certification of copies $5 each

 *Additional $1 for each listing more than ten

UCC-1F and UCC-3F Central Registry Filings

UCC and Crop filing  $35*
Crop filing $20*
Amendments, Continuations, Assignments $20*

*These are flat fees. No additional charges are assessed for additional debtors and/or attachments.