Arnaud Julie Beauvais 1829-1830

Born: September 6, 1783 in Point Coupee Parish
Political Affiliation: Whig
Religious Affiliation: Catholic
Education: Law
Career Prior to Term: Justice of the Peace; Louisiana House of Representatives; President of the Louisiana Senate
How He Became Governor: Acting Governor upon the death of Derbigny
Career after Term: Louisiana State Senator
Died: November 18, 1843 in Orleans Parish

Arnaud Julie Beauvais succeeded Pierre Derbigny as Governor after Derbigny died in office. Beauvais became Acting Governor because the Constitution required the President of the State Senate to assume the duties of office in case of vacancy.

Beauvais, a native of Pointe Coupee Parish, served for only three months. He resigned in January 1830 to run for governor. He did not get elected to the position and returned to the State Senate where he served until 1834.

Beauvais died in 1843 in New Orleans.