Preserving Collections

The Conservation Services Division is responsible for the preservation and conservation of the Archives' permanent collections. To ensure Louisiana's historical documents and artifacts remain accessible for future generations, we perform variety of function to prevent or repair damage to the materials in our collections. 

We monitor the temperature and the relative humidity to ensure a stable environment for our collections; re-house documents in chemically stable enclosures to protect them from mechanical and environmental damage; instruct staff in the proper handling of materials and other preservation techniques; prepare exhibit objects for safe display; perform condition surveys to identify and prioritize documents in need of treatment; repair or stabilize documents and artifacts in need of treatment; conduct conservation research; and perform disaster planning activities. 

frequently asked questions

I want to organize my personal collections. Where do I start?

A little preservation work goes a long way toward extending the lifespan of your collections. Click here to access a list of resources to help you plan your archival journey.

Will you show me how to conserve or restore my (fill in the blank) item?

Like most archives, our processing backlog is so extensive that we can only dedicate conservation resources to our collections. However, you may try the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC). They host a searchable database on their website you can use to locate conservators by geography or specialization. These professionals charge a fee for their services.

Can you determine the monetary value of an item for me?

Our professional code of ethics prohibits archival practitioners from assessing the market value of a document or object. To locate a reputable appraiser, we recommend you search the Internet for professional appraisal associations, who may offer you guidance.