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Disaster Preparation and Recovery Information

The Records Management program and the Conservation Lab serve as a source for information about disaster planning and recovery procedures. Information on the removal, repair and storage of archival documents and permanent records from state and local government offices with damage from disasters, as well as disposal procedures for non-permanent records that have been damaged, can be obtained by contacting our office.

To Report a Disaster

State and local agencies in Louisiana are required to report damage to the Secretary of State's Office under Louisiana R.S. 44:411. These forms can be used to comply with this requirement and to document the type of damage. When conditions permit, they can be faxed to the Secretary of State's Office, Attn.: Records Management at 225.922.0002 or 225.922.1220.

The Records Management program can be reached by contacting the records policy planner at 225.925.7552, fax 225.922.0002 or by sending a message.

The Conservation Lab can be reached by contacting the State Archives at 225.922.1218, fax 225.922.0989 or by sending a message.

Disaster Recovery Resources

Following the devastating hurricanes Louisiana endured between 2005 and 2008, many professional organizations offered assistance. Some of these organizations gave permission to use some of their technical publications on salvaging records and materials on our site for agencies to use in case of emergencies. Agencies are strongly encouraged to follow up with the contacts listed above to ensure compliance with reporting and other issues that may not be addressed in these guides.

Thanks to the Northeast Document Conservation Center (NEDCC) for providing these documents: 

Thanks to ARMA International for providing these documents:

From ANSI/ARMA 5-2003 Standard - Vital Records Programs, "Identifying, Managing, and Recovering Business-Critical Records"