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How do I use the Records Center

The State Records Center is located in the State Archives building and provides:

  • storage for statewide executive and legislative branch agency records;
  • maintenance of records stored in Records Center;
  • retrieval of records per request of agency; and
  • destruction of records stored in Records Center having met retention period.

Corporation and Vital Records

The State Records Center DOES NOT provide assistance with corporations, genealogical or vital records. Please contact our Commercial Division at 225.925.4704 for corporation records questions or our Archives Research Room 225.922.1207 for genealogical or vital records questions.  

State Records Center Staff

  • 225.922.1224 main number
  • 225.925.6576 Records Center coordinator
  • 225.922.2513 fax

Eligible Records

State agencies with approved retention schedules can store records at the State Records Center. If your agency does not have a schedule or you are not sure if you have an approved retention schedule on file with our office, please contact the Records Management Officer Statewide at 225.925.7552 or records management to determine if you need to develop a retention schedule or already have one on file.

Ownership and Access

Records stored in the State Records Center belong to the agency storing the records. The agency controls access to their records. To request a record: call, fax  or contact the State Records Center. Please have the Records Center box number and the file name or number you are calling about available for reference.

How to Pack a Box

We have included instructions on how to pack a box so that your office will have fewer problems getting your records shipment accepted by Records Center staff.  

Boxes to Use

Agencies should only use 1.2 cu. ft. boxes (15"x12"x10") to store records in the Records Center. Agencies can purchase a bundle of 25 for $25 from the Records Center through Inter Agency Transfer or via check.  Contact the Records Center at 225.922.1224 to order boxes.  

Records Transmittal

Once the Records Transmittal and Receipt form is filled out, the agency may send it to the Records Center, via fax to 225.922.2513, or mail the form to:

Louisiana State Archives
Attn.: Records Center
P.O. Box 94125
Baton Rouge, LA 70804

Physical Address
Louisiana State Archives
3851 Essen Lane
Baton Rouge, LA 70809

Transferring Records

State Records Center personnel will contact each agency to schedule a delivery date for records once their transmittals have been received and reviewed. 

Disposal of Stored Records 

Paper records stored at the State Records Center are destroyed once an agency authorizes destruction by completing and returning the Notice of Intent to Dispose of Records sent by the State Records Center. Other media records must be retrieved by depositing agency for destruction.