Managing Records

The Records Services section of the State Archives serves the state and local governmental agencies operating in Louisiana with their records related needs. This section has three components: records management, the Records Center and micrographics. In addition, the section also assists state and local agencies with disaster planning and recovery issues and records related policies and procedures.

Records Management

The Records Management program helps agencies comply with Louisiana R.S. 44:411 by providing training, assisting in the development of agency records retention schedules, processing agency disposal requests and providing advice to agencies regarding records management related issues through rules, publications, policies and meetings. The Records Management program also provides records-related assistance and information to state and local agencies following disasters or other business disruptions. 

Records Center

The Records Center, created by Louisiana R.S. 44:414, provides state agencies a way to save money by using this off-site storage for semi-active records. Records stored in the Records Center still belong to the agency storing the records and they control who has access to their records. Services include pulling requested records when needed; the notification of records that have met their retention schedules and are eligible for disposal; and the disposal of agency records after approval has been given by the agency.

Imaging and Preservation Services

The Imgaing and Preservation Services program, created by Louisiana R.S. 44:414-15, provides imaging services for state and local agencies including prepping, scanning and filming of materials, processing and duplicating film generated and quality review and archival storage of original negative film. Once the materials have been properly filmed, the originals can either be returned to the agency or disposed of in a confidential manner.

Disaster Planning and Recovery

The Archives and Records Management programs serves as a source for information about disaster planning and recovery procedures. Information on the removal, repair and storage of archival documents and permanent records from state and local government offices with damage from disasters, as well as disposal procedures for non-permanent records that have been damaged, can be obtained by contacting our office. 

Records Management staff can be reached at 225.922.0104, fax 225.922.1220 or by sending a message.

Archives staff can be reached at 225.922.1218, fax 225.922.0989 or by sending a message.