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Please note that fees are for research and must be collected for both successful and unsuccessful searches. No research will be conducted until payment is received.

Research Library Mail-In & Email Research Requests
Title Fee
Confederate Pension Applications $20 per individual, per one application
Military Service Records
     Confederate Soldiers from Louisiana $15 per individual
     World War I Discharge Records $15 per individual
Vital Records (See Vital Records Request Form LFP3)
     Letter of No Record (Vital Records) $20 per name per one spelling
 Charges for Bankcard Usage$5 per bankcard transaction  
Research Library In-House Reproduction & Certification
Title Fee
Self-service copy charges, per page   
     Photocopies, per page $.25 copies by patron 
     Microfilm prints, per page $.50 copies by patron
     Computer printouts, per page $.25 copies by patron
     Book Scanner prints, per page $.25 copies by patron
Staff reproduction of archival materials   
     Photocopied Vital Record$5 per record 
     Certified Vital Record $10 per record 
     Document Certification $20 per record 
     Microfilm duplication of existing roll, per roll $20* per 16 mm or $25* per 35mm

Legislative Committee Hearing Audio Reproduction
     For patrons $20 per tape transferred to digital audio
     For state agencies $10 per tape transferred to digital audio
Digital Imaging
     600 pixel per inch TIFF image on CD-R $10 per image**
     Reproduction Rights Fee (Commercial Use Only) $100 per image***

Charges for Bankcard Usage
     Service charge for postal mail, email, fax & phone         requests* $5 per bankcard transaction****
     Fax charge for research request $1 per page with $10 maximum
     Minimum in-house charge per bankcard                       transaction $2 per transaction

*Includes shipping and handling
**For existing original photograph collections only and not for commercial use (see LH 10).
***See LH 10 and LFP 12
****No service charge for in-house bankcard use. Minimum in-house charge per bankcard transaction applies.
Research Library Forms
LFP 1 Committee Hearing Audio Tape Request
LFP 2 Mail-In Genealogical Research Request Form
LFP 4 Request for Confederate Pension Application
LFP 5 Campaign Finance Report Supplemental Form
LFP 6 Request for Microfilm Reel Copies
LFP 9 Request for Vital Records Microfilm Index Copies
LFP 10 Request for Historical Documents (public officials only)
LFP 11 Digital Image Request Form
LFP 12 Request for Permission to Publish
LFP 13 Volunteer Application Form
Research Library Handouts
LH 1 Research Room Rules & Regulations
LH 10 Policy on the Reproduction of Archival Images
LH 17 How to Request Campaign Finance Reports