Henry Schuyler Thibodaux 1824

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Born: 1769 in Albany, New York
Political Affiliation: National Republican
Religious Affiliation: Catholic
Education: Formal education in Scotland
Career Prior to Term: State Senator and President of the Senate
How He Became Governor: Succeeded to governorship upon Robertson's resignation
Career after Term: Shoemaker
Died: October 24, 1827 near Bayou Terrebonne, Louisiana of an abcessed liver. Interred in Shriever near St. Bridget's Church.

Henry Schuyler Thibodaux served for one month as interim governor after Governor Thomas Robertson resigned to become a federal judge.

A state legislator originally from New York, Thibodaux was married to a French Acadian, Felicite Bonvillain. He assumed the governorship from the presidency of the Senate, Thibodaux stepped down after the election of Henry Johnson.

He sought election as governor in 1828 but died during the campaign near Bayou Terrebonne, Thibodaux is buried in St. Bridget's Church cemetery in Schriever, Louisiana.