James Albert Noe 1936

Born: December 21, 1890 near West Point, Kentucky
Political Affiliation: Democrat
Religious Affiliation: Methodist
Education: Public schools
Career Prior to Term: State Senator and President Pro Tempore of the State Senate; became Lt. Governor when Lt. Governor Fournet resigned to become a Louisiana Supreme Court Justice
How He Became Governor: Succeeded upon the death of Gov. Allen (January 28, 1936)
Career after Term: State Senator; started KNOE TV-Radio and WNOE Radio stations; known for his philanthropy; candidate for Governor in 1959
Died: October 18, 1976 in Houston, Texas of complications from a heart condition

James A. Noe, a wealthy independent oil man, ran for the State Senate at the request of Huey Long. He won, became a Long floor leader and was chosen by his colleagues to be President Pro Tempore of the Senate. In 1936, Governor Allen died in office. Without a Lieutenant Governor to succeed Allen, Noe became Governor for the five month interim period before Richard Leche took office.

Noe appointed Huey's widow, Rose McConnell Long, to complete Long's U. S. Senate term. He completed necessary Federal paperwork to receive $6 million for state highways and began the process of establishing a state public welfare office under the national Social Security Act.

Noe later ran for governor twice--in 1940 and in 1959. He was more successful in his business interests, founding two radio stations and one television station and promoting the growth of his oil business which helped support his philanthropy.

His split with Longite Governor Richard Leche paved the way for the "Louisiana Scandals" which broke the political grip of the Long faction in Louisiana in 1940.

Noe died in Texas in 1976.