Louis Alfred Wiltz 1880-1881

Born: October 22, 1843 in New Orleans, Louisiana
Political Affiliation: Democrat
Religious Affiliation: Catholic
Education: Private and public schools in New Orleans
Career Prior to Term: Confederate Army officer, Mayor of New Orleans, Speaker of the House of Representatives and Lt. Governor
How He Became Governor: Elected in 1879
Career after Term: Died in office
Died: October 16, 1881 in New Orleans, Louisiana of tuberculosis

An ally of the Louisiana Lottery Company, Louis A. Wiltz was elected Governor under the Constitution of 1879, a pro-Democrat document written to replace the 1868 Constitution written by Republicans. As Lieutenant Governor, Wiltz had presided over the Constitutional Convention which reduced the term of Governor Francis T. Nicholls. Wiltz replaced Nicholls as the Democratic nominee and defeated a weak Republican opponent.

Wiltz's term is notable mainly for his support of the corrupt lottery which controlled the Legislature. Public education was neglected, black disenfranchisement continued and State Treasurer Edward A. Burke, an ally of Wiltz, continued to embezzle state funds.

Wiltz died in office of tuberculosis in 1881.