State Flag and Seal

Official Louisiana state flags are available for purchase from the Capitol Foundation by calling 225.342.0642.

Use the artwork below for all materials that display the state flag and seal. Please read the specifications below before altering the design in any way. 

Louisiana State Flag 

Louisiana State Seal Color       Louisiana State Seal BW

The secretary of state is the custodian of the official artwork for the state flag and seal. This artwork, in the form of digital files, is to be used as is, reproduced in the manner specified below. No alteration of the artwork provided by the secretary of state is allowed except as provided below.

State Flag
For reproductive purposes, the following specifications shall be used:

The Louisiana flag contains two elements: a crest centered on a blue field.

The crest consists of a nest bearing three chicks, a mother pelican vulning herself with her head turned to the viewer’s right and displaying three drops of blood on her breast. Beneath the nest a white banner bears the state motto “Union  Justice  Confidence.”

The flag contains 12 Pantone colors printed on a white (PMS 000) background. The specified colors, location and use are as follows:

  • PMS Cool Gray 8C – Pelican (gray – mother pelican)
  • PMS Cool Gray 11C – Banner (gray – shadows)
  • PMS 109C – Pelican Plumage (bright yellow – mother pelican’s head)
  • PMS 497C – Pelican (dark brown – mother pelican’s bill, wings, bottom and nest)
  • PMS 724C – Nest (chocolate brown)
  • PMS 721C – Nest (tan)
  • PMS 142C – Nest (golden tan)
  • PMS 485C – Blood droplets (red – mother pelican)
  • PMS 716C – Beak (orange – pelican chicks)
  • PMS 145C – Beaks (burnt orange – mother pelican, chicks, mother’s plumage)
  • PMS 295C – Background (dark blue)
  • PMS Black C – Outlines

The flag shall be 7 units tall by 11 units wide.

The crest is to be treated as a single design element, inclusive of the mother pelican, chicks, nest and banner.

For positioning purposes, the center of crest is the center of the triangle formed by three drops of blood.

The crest is centered both vertically and horizontally on the field. The crest, measured through the center vertically and horizontally, is 5 ¼ units tall (from tip of mother pelican’s head to the bottommost point of banner) by 6 units wide (form tip to tip of banner measured from lowest corner of each tip).

The official specifications do not call for other decorations, such as fringe, border, cords and the like. These are allowed for display purposes so long as they do not encroach on, obscure or alter the total flag image as specified above. (A gold fringe attached to the edges of the flag is acceptable, for example; a fringe, border or other decoration drawn or attached within the field itself or on the crest is not allowed.)

Note on font: The font used for the motto, although always treated as an inseparable element of the crest, is a hand-rendered font for specific use on the flag.

State Seal
The secretary of state shall supply line art for the seal for metal casting embossed seals and seal devices.

The seal consists of a central crest within a circle and an outer circle bearing the state name and ornamentation. Artwork is identical to the flag’s crest but displayed without the banner.

The motto is circumscribed around the crest with:  “Union   Justice”  above the Pelican, the words separated by a single bullet, and “Confidence” below the crest, bracketed by bullets. The font is the same hand-rendered font as on the state flag.

“State of Louisiana” shall appear in the outer circle and uppermost on the seal, circumscribed along the uppermost portion of the outer circle.  The font for this shall be AgaramondPro-Bold (OpenType).

The state seal shall be reproduced in full, four-color process printing using files provided by the Louisiana Secretary of State's Office, or in black and white using only line art supplied by the Louisiana Secretary of State’s Office.

The artwork supplied by the secretary of state is to be used as-is with no alterations except sizing as needed. Louisiana state agencies and departments may, however, adopt the seal as their own by adding the agency or departmental name, using the designated font, circumscribed along the bottom portion of the outer circle; the same circle in which “State of Louisiana” is placed.