Selections from The Louisiana State Archives'
Baton Rouge Art League Permanent Collection and The WPA Collection

"Garden Party"
[ 26 x 28 watercolor ]

Garden Party Carol Creel

This painting by Baton Rouge artist Carol Creel was purchased for the Permanent Collection in April 1998.

Carol Creel is a watercolor artist specializing in wildlife, portraits and floral designs. She paints in a realistic style which makes one sit up and take notice of her subjects. Carol has won numerous awards, and her work is seen in galleries and private collections.

"Fruits and Flowers"
[ 25 x 21 oil ]


Prior to finishing McDonogh #15 High School in 1937, Frere was already painting murals. After graduation he studied at Arts and Crafts and his pictures were shown throughout the south. He was a graduate of LSU and received a scholarship to the Art Student League in New York City. He died in New Orleans on July 2, 1960.

"Corner of Street"
[ 25 x 23 oil ]

Corner Of Street Herbert Frere

[ 27 x 21 oil ]

Garages Alice Fowler

Mrs. Fowler cut sharp angles and flattened out edges in her works. She was a portrait painter and became very noted for her sculptures.

"New Federal Building"
[ 35 x 29 oil ]

New Federal Building Clarence Millet

Millet said "I paint the things I know and see and feel. I try to give the beholder an experience I have seen and felt." This surely holds true with these fine paintings. Born in Hahnville, Louisiana, he went to New York and studied at the Art League of New york, probably the most important art school in the United States during the 20's and 30's. He returned to New Orleans in the early 30's and lived the rest of his life interpreting his native state. Millet was not appreciated as he should have been during his lifetime. He died in 1959. His paintings are now quite valuable.

"Saturday Afternoon"
[ 25 x 21 oil]

Saturday Afternoon Clarence Millet

"Checker Game"
[ 25 X 21 oil ]

Checker Game Bill Perkins

Perkins was talented member of New Orleans' Royal Street W.P.A. Gallery in the 1930's. This picture conveys a convivial spirit of the urban quarters of New Orleans.

"Court Tower"
[ 25 x 24 oils ]

Court Tower Lynette Prochaska

The round tower house shown in this painting was a French Quarter tenement house and was a favorite for artists in the 20's depression days. The old lower French Quarter was a crowded district inhabited by Sicilian immigrant families.

Mrs. Prochaska continued her art in New Orleans, teaching art at her home/studio. Mary-Miles Walker, a BRAL member studied under her in 1953. Mrs. Prochaska died in the late 1960's.

"Portrait of A Boy"
[ 24 x 29 oil ]

Portrait of A Boy Harold K. Pierce

While little is known of Harold Pierce, he is assumed to be a native of Louisiana. He spent most of his life in New Orleans.

He was a member of the French Quarter Arts and Crafts Club, where he painted and exhibited with many of Louisiana's well known artists. During the Depression of the 30's, he was involved in the WPA project. It was during this time that Portrait of A Boy was painted. Pierce leaned towards portraitures. Head of Cliff is also in the collection.

"Planting Cotton"
Wood Block
[ 7 x 8 ]

Planting Cotton Laura "Lala" Walker Lewis

Born November 14, 1912, Lala Lewis later became an instructor at Delta Art Center in Greenville, Mississippi.

Her art work was presented in Newcomb College, Delgado Museum in New Orleans, in Mississippi, and too many other places to mention.

"Picking Cotton"
Wood Block
[ 7 x 8 ]

Picking Cotton Laura "Lala" Walker Lewis

"Cotton Gin"
Wood Block
[ 7 x 8 ]

Cotton Compress Laura "Lala" Walker Lewis

"Cotton Compress"
Wood Block
[ 7 x 8 ]

Cotton Compress Laura "Lala" Walker Lewis