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Get Involved

Voting is one of our most sacred rights as Americans. The Secretary of State's Office encourages Louisianan's to:  

  • vote because it is your right;
  • vote to ensure your voice is heard;
  • vote to make a better state for yourself and your family; and
  • voting is one of the most powerful rights that a citizen has, and voter participation is crucial for an effective, truly representative government.

With a mission of “encouraging citizens of Louisiana to protect and enrich their quality of life by exercising their rights and responsibilities as informed voters,” the Voter Outreach Division has four basic functions:

  • to coordinate elections for schools and private organizations as a means to involve students and the community to think about voting and how it affects their lives. This affords the secretary of state and/or his staff a chance to speak with students and community members about the importance of voting. It also provides an opportunity to build partnerships between the office of the Secretary of State and communities throughout the state;
  • to make presentations to schools and communities about the importance of voting. This function is often carried out in tandem with private elections;
  • to conduct and facilitate voter registration drives. The staff of the Voter Outreach Division travels across the state to participate in voter registration initiatives; and
  • to support registrar of voters and clerks of court in their efforts to recruit and inform voters by providing brochures and assisting with the voter registration process.

If you are interested in partnering with the Voter Outreach Division to participate in any of these events, please view our list of programs.

For more information, view an informational video about the Voter Outreach Division.