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Disability Program

View the Disabled, Senior and Nursing Home Voter Information brochure for comprehensive information on the Disability Program in Louisiana. Act 436 of 2009 (effective 1.1.10) brought new and improved changes in voting for the physically disabled, senior citizens and residents of a nursing or veterans home.


A person who is physically disabled or who cannot appear in person to vote, either early or on Election Day because they are homebound, is eligible to apply for the Disability Program. Proof of disability is required.

Senior citizens who are 65 years of age or older and who have previously voted in the parish are eligible to apply for the Disability Program.

Senior Citizen Program


Prior to Jan. 1, 2010, program participants who were approved by the parish board of election supervisors as being eligible to participate in the Special Program for Handicapped Voters are grandfathered into the Disability Program.

Proof of Disability

Proof of disability is required to be filed with the registrar of voters either in person or by mail if you become disabled after registering to vote and want to receive the benefits of the Disability Program, including assistance in voting and/or Louisiana’s automatic mail ballot program. Forms of proof of disability include:        

  • a letter from a physician, optometrist, physician assistant or nurse practitioner certifying your disability;

  • a copy of a current mobility impaired identification card issued by the Office of Motor Vehicles; or

  • a copy of a current documentation showing eligibility for disability benefits from either social security, veterans, paratransit services, Office for Citizens with Developmental Disabilities or benefits from Louisiana Rehabilitation Services.

All applications by mail must include a photo ID such as a La. driver’s license, La. Special ID or other photo ID, with the voter’s name and signature. If no photo ID is available, a letter listing the names and addresses of two persons residing in the precinct who could swear to the fact that the voter is physically disabled may be submitted.

A nursing home or veterans home resident must submit the physician’s form to certify their disability.

Benefits of the Disability Program

Louisiana’s automatic absentee by mail ballot process is one of the benefits of the Disability Program, while another is eligibility to receive assistance in voting. For nursing home and veterans home residents, the benefits include voting in person at their nursing or veterans home with the assistance of the registrar of voters or any person of their choosing, except for nursing home owners/operators/administrators or employees.

After applying for the Disability Program and being accepted by the parish board of election supervisors, a voter must apply to vote absentee by mail. The application starts either the automatic absentee by mail ballot process or the nursing or veterans home voting. An absentee by mail ballot will automatically be sent to the voter who is homebound or is a senior citizen for each election, unless it is returned as undeliverable. A voter may opt out of Louisiana’s automatic absentee by mail ballot process by contacting the registrar of voters.

If a voter chooses to vote in person instead of voting their absentee by mail ballot, the automatic absentee by mail ballot process will continue; however, a person may vote only once, either by mail or in person.