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Purchase Voter Lists Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing is established by administrative rule and is non-negotiable. Pricing details can be found at VoterListChargesAndInfo (PDF).
Credit card payments are subject to an additional statutory convenience fee of $5.00.
The data is provided in a tab delimited text format. For the record layout, please see RecordFormatSheet (PDF).
Instructions for converting the file to Excel can be found at ConvertingTextFileToExcelFile (PDF).
The voter list can be formatted for you to print out. It is sent as a .PDF list. You may request formatting for labels for a mailing. The .PDF will include all information found on an electronic list with the exception of vote history. The .PDF can also have the standard district information removed.
Standard districts include: congressional, state senate, state representative, police jury, school board, justice of the peace, city, tax ward, state supreme court, appeals court, district court, public service commission and BESE board.
Special districts vary by parish and are most often for special purposes such as drainage, lighting, roads, etc.

Customers may request special districts to be included on electronic files by using a custom selection and specifying the special districts.
No.  Voter's email addresses are protected by law.
Age, race, and party are all included.
The purchase of a voter list is final and the cost is non-refundable.

If there are unusual circumstances or a significant error in the data caused by the State or the Registrar of Voters, you may request for the customer data or reports to be replaced using the same selection criteria if the error is reported in 15 days.

If the problem is due to incorrect selections made by the customer, there is no refund or replacement.
The Department does not store credit card information.
All purchases are final.
If you have questions or issues, please contact Elections Services for an elections specialist at 225.922.0900, contact Commercial Requests or contact your local registrar of voters.