George F. Shepley 1862-1864

Born: January 1, 1819 in Saco, Maine
Political Affiliation: Democrat (Unionist)
Religious Affiliation: Episcopalian
Education: Dartmouth College (1837)
Career Prior to Term: Judge; Union Army Officer; Acting Mayor of New Orleans
How He Became Governor: Appointed Military Governor by Union authorities
Career after Term: Practiced law; Federal Judge in Maine
Died: July 20, 1878 in Portland, Maine

George F. Shepley, a native of Maine, befriended Benjamin Butler when they were both attending the 1860 Democratic National Convention in Baltimore. Shepley's relationship with Butler, the commander of the Department of the Gulf for the Union, brought him to Louisiana.

After the fall of New Orleans, Butler appointed Shepley commandant of New Orleans. In June, 1862, he was appointed Governor. Shepley presided over the civil government of those Louisiana parishes occupied by Federal troops. He acted as no more than a middle man who communicated the directives from Washington and received the requests of citizens' groups.

Shepley became Military Governor of Virginia after Richmond fell, but soon returned to Maine where he practiced law. He died in Portland in 1878.